Cosmic Creed

Only you can transform your chaos into cosmos.

We all hold our own beliefs or disbeliefs regarding our origins.

We are all born into our own journeys.

Our journeys represent our facets of Self (Mind, Body, Self), who we are, where we are going and what we can do.

We seek connections…to Self, to Other, to Universe.

Seeking represents chaos.

Acquisition of knowledge is the orchestration of elements.

Application of knowledge is the final arrangement of cosmos. Peace.

We are bound to each other by our humanity.

Nurturing Self is as important as nurturing Other.

Empathy can be as powerful as oil.

Body fuels Mind.

Mind fuels Body.

Mind and Body are fuelled by Soul.

Organization and routine set the stage for spontaneity and creativity, not stiflers of them.

Finding Soul and nourishing Soul is the basis for Order.

Whole foods and exercise are the alchemy of Body, Mind, and Soul.

Well-formed Intention ignites Open Mind for absorption.

Mindful Living opens the door for empathy.

Positives generate the same energy as negatives, only 100 fold.

Fear is a negative.

Hate is a negative.

Love, Affection, and Peace are positives.

We are all strands of a cosmic blanket. Seeking and applying knowledge of Self, Other, and Universe sets the stage for ultimate harmony.

Transform your Chaos into Cosmos.

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