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212 filled her lungs as she breathed in the lingerings of his scent after he left.  He was an angel.  A Godsend.  She loved him more than life itself and would do anything to keep him.  Today, that vow was put to the test.

As Maria rounded the corner, she expected to see the love of her life, but instead she found the demons.  Those damned demons.  Why couldn’t they leave them alone?  Immediately recognizing the shirt in his hand, she asked, “Where is he?”

The demon smiled.  “You will see him soon enough.”  He held out his hand to her.  She refused.  She would not accept his games this time. 

“I will not go with you.  You will give him back to me.  And you will leave us for good,”  She demanded. 

“Oh, really?  What makes you so certain of that my love?”  The demon drifted ever closer to her, enveloping her in his long, thick tail.

“Because we are no longer your toys.  We will not stay within your grips any longer,” her voice was adamant and fierce.  She began to say prayers to herself, summoning the strength to face and beat the demon that stood before her, challenging her. 

“You sound serious,” he said with a sarcastic laugh that cut her to the bone.  His slithering hands ran through her hair.  He whispered to her, “I can give you what you want.  I can make all of your dreams come true.”  She shuddered.  He continued to hiss, “I already have him.  He has already given himself to me.  Don’t you want to spend your life with him?”

Maria held her breath and continued to mumble her prayers.  Focusing on the strength that she gained, but when he told her that he already had him, she stopped.  Looking him in his cold, dead eyes, she said, “He has not given in to you.  He will not be taken.”  The thick book on the table beside her lay open waiting for her.  Holding it with two hands, she recited more words and dove down. 

The atmosphere caved in on her.  Her brain screamed for mercy, but her heart pushed forward.  With a harsh pounding, her body hit the jagged floor, cutting her.  When her breath returned, her body still shook.  Searching for her jelly legs, she finally stood, steadying herself with the spiked walls.  Before she could focus, her heart heard the call of her lover. 

The agony pierced his flesh and pierced her soul.  She knew he was being kept here against his will.  She would get him out.  She would free him.  She would be there for him, as he had been for her so many times.  She could not let him go.  They were one.

One more cavern to enter.  There he sat, bound.  Water welled in her eyes.  She started for him, but something stabbed at her in the firelight.  A demon pushing her away, tore through her flesh, but she steamed forward.  Again.  He sliced her.  With each lashing, blood spilled forth from her flesh.  One last time, he buzzed her.

This time, she reached out in the second that he was in front of her, she grabbed him.  Her hands bled as she used every measurement of her strength to dismember him.  She stayed focused.  They would be together.  The demons were not going to keep them here. 

When at last she was in front of him, he cried bloody tears from his sightless eyes.  She leaned in his ear and whispered the words that had given her the strength to reach him.  Her words filled him and not.  He fought and struggled beneath their weight.  She continued to recite and give him the power that she had.  His tears continued to fall.  They cried together.  She held him as the demons attacked and tried to breathe their desires into them both.  They battled themselves and the overwhelm that pushed in on them.  There was only one way for them to leave there together and in tact…broken, but in tact. 

Sensing how far he’d gone, she buzzed the words harder and faster.  She sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around him.  When she finished her recitation, she said, “I came here for you.  I came to hell to take you out.  We have been given the strength and power to devour these demons once again.  Take this chance.  Grab your fate with both hands.  You do not have to succumb to the whispers of the devil.  You are stronger than he is.  You are blessed.  See it.  Feel it.  Know it.  Your heart longs to be in another world with me. Our souls are bound.”  

His face changed.  His bloody tears slowed.  His sight slowly returned.  He saw Maria’s face stained from his own tears and realized that she would not leave him there.  The love she had for him and the strength that she had given him from the words she spoke in his ear and to his heart returned his wits to him.  He looked around, uncertain of how he had gotten here again, but he knew the words she spoke were true.  She had gotten down there, now he was going to have to get them out. 

Standing and holding her in his arms, the demons came to him again and again.  Empowered this time, he accepted each blow from them without pain.  His vision tunneled.  He began whispering his own words.  The words she had given him.  He broke into a run. 

All the while, repeating the authorization of God.  He jumped.  The sinew of his body recoiled and pushed him higher than any mortal had been.  When they landed, they alighted in their home.  Blood cleansed away.  Love bolstered.  Sins forgiven.  




I tend to stay away from religious issues in my stories because they can be so personal and differential from reader to reader, but this came to me as I sat.  I felt it would be doing the story injustice by editing away the religious aspect.  Hope you found it entertaining no matter what your beliefs, or non-beliefs, as the case may be. 

What did you like about this story?  What did you dislike about it?  Have you ever loved someone enough to go to hell and back for them? 

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Credit: Markus Röncke via Elfwood

Madeline always knew she was different; what she didn’t know was why or how.  She thought differently than others.  She acted differently.  She looked different.  And she relished in it.  She was proud of being the trout swimming upstream.  Madeline did the things “normal” kids did in high school, but she didn’t enjoy it as they did.  A storm brewed in the pit of her stomach.

One day, the drinking stopped.  The promiscuous relationships stopped.  The wallowing in depressing music stopped.  Madeline  knew she was changing.  Her nagging connection to all things dark began to consume her.  Former friends became distant stars that she could no longer reach and she didn’t want to.  She was bound for a higher purpose.

A fateful interaction resulted in confirmation of Madeline’s intuitions.

One evening, she physically bumped into a man in a store.  The name of the store, the name of the town, no longer mattered.  A flash surged through her.  She no longer was aware of the time, the day or her own form.  The instant that he touched her, she fell and convulsed on the floor.  He turned around and grinned a scantily toothed grin.  Madeline rose to an upright position and hovered off of the floor.  Her eyes glowed red and her hair stood aright from her scalp.  She raised a petrified arm with an extended digit and blazed fire from its tip.  The clerk was dead.

As the man she had bumped into stood before her, he said,”That’s it, girl!  Show them who you are!  They will all know you and fear you now.”  His smirk was emblazoned on her memory.  She knew him.  She had always known him.  He was the reason that she was different.  He was a wizard and her father.  She had never met him, nor had she wanted to.  Her mother never spoke of him and when Madeline asked about him, her mother said that the scum of the earth was not worth remembering.  Madeline wondered if her mother had ever known him at all.

The wizard took her stiffened arm and brought her back down to the floor.  “Come child, you have lots to learn.”  Madeline resisted.  She had no intention of going with him.  She didn’t need to learn anything.  Her newly found powers were all she needed.  With the speed of a gazelle, graceful and aloof, she vanquished the cocky troll.  She wasn’t to be controlled.  She was to be honored.

Within two years, Madeline and strategically eliminated every opponent of which she had innately become aware.  While on a campaign to conquer the spirits of those she hated (and hated her), Jax confronted her.  He was long and wiry; nothing more than a spit in the ocean.  She would crush him at once.  She raised her petrified arm and shot her flame at him.  The flame was extinguished.  She panicked.  Two more attempts and failures to subjugate him resulted in a daunted Madeline.

“You will kill no more,” Jax boomed.  He stood before her fearless.  Her mind feeble from the tirades she had been on for so long, she stared at him blankly.  “Put your arm down, Madeline.  Put it down and never raise it to defeat another again.”  He paused.  She didn’t budge.  “I am warning you, you will bring your own death.”  She waited.  He couldn’t quell her.  She was unstoppable.

Jax mumbled something that she didn’t understand and raised his knife to her.  With an agile flick of his wrist, his blade slipped through her flesh.  Her head severed from her body.  Jax stood before the writhing body as it bled.  A stroke of an artist’s brush and  Madeline was no longer bound to the evil that had she had been born to.  She had been freed.


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Destruction of Fifth Realm – Backwards

Credit: Piucca io via Elfwood

Zilus and Ama mourned the loss of their love and the resulting lost lives when they realized that their union ended the Fifth Realm
and the world as they knew it.

He berated as the Royal Guardsmen of Upper Realm took them into custody.  “You will pay now for what you have done!  Fifth Realm is now gone;
along with your families and your peers! You have united in ways that are forbidden by the laws of nature!  You will pay for the thousands of deaths on your heads!”

The sorcerer creeping in the darkness found them lying in each other’s arms and recognized them.
In the afterglow of bliss, the walls of Upper Realm began to crumble as its base, Fifth Realm disintegrated from beneath it.

They married and consummated their union.  Their dreams had come true. Zilus and Ama were together at last.  As they approached Upper Realm, they delved into the depths of the darkness.

Once he had freed himself, he released his lover and they escaped to Upper Realm.  Zilus’ military training had prepared him for such
incarceration and how to escape, but no one had counted on the royal son to have been so astute a student.  The Royal Guardsmen were ordered to capture the two star-crossed lovers and retain them in cells at opposite ends of the court.  Zilus and Ama fought the powers that were in order to stay together despite the warnings of the elders of the clans.

Their royal blood knew how to get what they wanted.  That didn’t stop Zilus and Ama.  Their families, outraged at their audacity to flaunt their love, separated them.  They knew at that moment, they had a long, hard road ahead of them.

While they deliberated, Zilus noticed Ama’s crystal blue eyes and became entranced.  Ama had felt the same about Zilus’ broad, strong shoulders. They chose to pardon her citing unreliable sources and scant evidence.  They were asked to determine the fate of a woman who had been deemed
guilty of lewd acts in a public place. During the War of Zinns, on the behalf of their families, Zilus and Ama
had been thrown violently into a situation that demanded their immediate attention.

These two clans were never allowed to interbreed in order to keep the bloodlines clean and to prevent an intermingling of power, but there
was another reason; a reason no one knew. It was the way of the families and it was law.  Though they had heard each other’s names and
seen each other’s faces, they steered clear of any intersecting of pathways.

This tribe was the lead tribe of the worlds of Fifth Realm.  Both clans were members of the Soul Masters Tribe.  Ama had been born to
the clan of Dims.  Zilus had been born to the clan of Sanus.  Zilus and Ama were lost souls meandering through Fifth Realm.

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I am a butterfly

I am a butterfly flitting from flower to flower.  Searching and seeking the idea that will be the nectar of my dreams.  Each fantastic flower fills me with delight and leads me onward to the next; a never-ending, ever-evolving path to all things beautiful.  Yet, I am spent.  A bird trails me.  With each refill, I am forced to fly hard and fast; struggling to survive in a bird-eat-butterfly world.  I am not ready to give up the fight.  I will not succumb to the fate of the masses.  I have a purpose and I will find it.  The nectar that holds the key to my unlocking is just in the next field, now to find safe passage from the deadly nemesis that haunts me.

I am a butterfly; beauty and danger surround me.




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Brad had once loved Diane. She had been the ultimate catch. As the once appointed “Least Likely to Succeed,” he couldn’t believe his ears when she (the former Prom Queen) agreed to meet him for coffee in the University Center. Little did she know when she met him (with the intention of stealing homework help for Professor DeLaney’s sociology class) that she would eventually fall in love and marry the class geek. All he had lacked was the requisite tape around the rim of his black framed glasses for official geek certification.

After 17 years of marriage, Diane had stopped caring. She saw herself in a childless, loveless marriage and gave up her status as wife. Brad was lost without her.

His once full cheeks had become sallow and sunken. Two years after she left, he still had not managed to move on. His coworkers had long stopped concerning themselves with his unsafe weight loss. They no longer came by to check on him on the weekends. Even though he had been the office caretaker, always worrying about others and helping those in need, it only took them six months to almost totally forget Brad.

On a particularly monotonous day, Brad stared out of his cubicle window at the glaring sunshine that reflected off of the cars below. His thoughts still drifted to Diane on his mandatory 15 minute breaks. Only today, he didn’t just dream about her. He saw her.

His heart pounded as he recognized her petite frame and long brown hair as she danced languidly between the rows of cars below. She had lost what little bit of extra weight that always talked about losing. She looked even better than he remembered.

Brad began adjusting his tie. He checked the mirror in the bathroom before making his way down to the lobby to meet her. As he raced down the 4 flights of stairs, his mind conjured up what he would say. He couldn’t stop smiling.

He reached the lobby at the same time she did. The receptionist jumped as he burst through the door. Diane saw him immediately. Her face was solemn.

He stopped cold in his tracks. He realized that this wasn’t the reunion he had always hoped for. “Diane?”

“Hi, Brad. How have you been?” she asked quietly.

“I thought I was going to be better when I saw you coming across the lot,” he answered honestly. His heart still raced. His hands were shaking as he extended his right to shake hers.

She looked at him, confused. “What do you mean?”

“I always dreamed that you would come back to me, but as I see, that isn’t why you came today.”

“So many times I tried to come back, but I knew that you hated me for leaving you the way I did.”

“Hated you?? I still dream of you…every night, every day, every hour,” he said with a somber voice.

She wanted to smile. It made her happy to think that he might still love her. “I came back because I have something that I have to ask you.”

Brad looked puzzled and suggested they go to the cafe inside the building. The receptionist buzzed the supervisor, as he asked, to inform him of the situation.

The cafe was brightly lit and didn’t lend to the romantic setting that Brad had so often imagined, but then, this hadn’t been the reunion that he imagined, either. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“I feel really bad coming here for this,” she said.

Brad just looked at her. Thoughts crowded his mind. He didn’t know how to respond. He wanted to ask how she had been; if she had missed him; if there was something wrong. He opted for, “I love you. You can ask me for anything.”

Diane’s face turned alabaster. She couldn’t bring herself to ask him what she had come to ask. She looked down at the coffee that sat before her.

“I am sorry. That wasn’t what I should have said. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he tried to do damage control.

“I swear I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t need to be. I want you to know how embarrassed I am to ask you for this.”

“What is it?” He asked becoming confused and frustrated.

“I need you to help me find my husband’s killer.”

Extinguished Flames

His world closed around him.  He knew nothing of what had happened.  All he knew was that she was gone.  She was the most beautiful, caring, selfless woman he had ever known, but now she was walking out of his life forever.  Simon saw only blackness as her car drove out of sight.  There was no light at the end of this tunnel.

Two weeks later, Amanda received a call.  When she answered, the voice on the other end reported that she had reservations at Le Gran Blanc in Sarasota that night at 8pm and that a dress had been delivered to her home.  The caller hung up before she could respond.

At 7pm, a sleek stretch limousine arrived to take her to the poshest restaurant in town.  She nervously left home wearing the black, figure hugging, floor length gown and the coordinating diamond double choker.  She had never before worn such ostentatious clothing, let alone ridden in a limousine.  She was confused and self-conscience and her demeanor showed it.  The driver, a stout, grandfatherly looking man, opened the car door for her.  She blushed when he commented on how radiant she was.

Arriving at the restaurant, the maitre d’ showed her to a small table nestled in the corner of the plush and elegant dining room. It was lit with candles and the sound of the orchestra played classical music.  She sat fidgeting and wondering who could have put together something so elaborate.  Ten minutes later, a debonair man in a black tuxedo nonchalantly strolled in to the restaurant.  He took her breath away. A second glance revealed her Simon.  Astounded at how he was able to transform himself in such a short time, Amanda sat in awe.

“Simon, what are you doing?”  She asked almost breathlessly.

“I came to claim what I had lost,” he answered with stark self-assurance.

“You look so different.  What happened to you?”

“When I realized how I had let myself go and that I was the reason for your leaving, I decided to do something about it.  Do y ou like it?”

“No,” she replied.

“No?  Why not?  I thought you would love the new, clean me,” he asked disheartened.

“I do love it.  I don’t like it.  You look like the old you, Simon.  You made me feel like a princess again.  Thank you.  You have no idea how I have missed being the queen of your heart and our home.”

“I do know now, Love.  I do know now.  And my promise to you from this day forward is to put our happiness first and my selfish needs second.  I adore you and I almost died without you.  Thank you for giving me another chance.”

The rest of the dinner went as planned.  They sat staring lovingly at each other discussing their new plans for the future.   As they left to go home, the limousine was sideswiped  as they opened the door by drunk driver careening into the parking lot; killing them both and injuring the driver.

Simon and Amanda had always loved each other and their new-found romance in a long, lost love rekindled their flames of passion.  However, the drunk driver that took their lives never knew what he had extinguished that night.


Melissa needed a distraction.  Life’s series of bumps and potholes had made their mark on her face.  The wrinkles and lines of her plagued countenance told her unedited story.  She had always been caretaker for her family and her husband’s family, but she no longer wanted to be the workhorse that she had become.  Her plan was to change her face and her station.

The doctor’s shady office made her increasingly nervous about her decision.  Yet, she unwisely suppressed the flight response in exchange for an affordable blade. The tall, lanky nurse resembling something from a mad scientist’s lab fetched her from the waiting room to seat her in the torn doctor’s chair.

When he limped into the room, she stuttered as she explained what she wanted.  “A-A-Are you sure you can do this?”  she asked.  Dr. Matthews assured her that he had been licensed in the field of plastic surgery; he neglected to tell her that his license had been revoked many years ago.  Melissa hesitantly accepted his half-truth.

The day of surgery came.  After exuberantly kissing her husband as he left for work, she skipped out the door to Dr. Matthews’ office.  Her giddiness blinded her from the half-lit waiting room and broken TV at which she stared.  She was going to be new again.  She was never going to have those pesky lines haunting her in the mirror again.  Once her face was restored, she would set the rest of her plan in motion.

The nurse came to take Melissa back, “Mrs. Davis,” she beckoned in a monotone.

Melissa practically skipped back to the broken chair in which she sat two days prior.  Dr. Matthews’ entered with the syringes in hand.  Melissa blissfully greeted him; unaware of the fate that awaited her.

Neglecting to clean Melissa’s skin prior to injecting the filler caused a fatal reaction to the staph that was introduced into her body.  Melissa’s unattended recovery in the recovery room resulted in her death.  Her husband never found out her fate and never knew she was unhappy fulfilling her station in life.  He would have happily provided her with the distractions she needed had he known what she wanted.