Living through your senses

This vid is your younger self singing to you…asking your now self to remember it.  Listen to how Brandon Boyd beckons you to where he is with his imagery…a tool that incorporates your senses. Recall his words and lose yourself in the song because your senses call you to live again. 

Think back to when you were younger.  If you are already there and haven’t yet reached the ripe old age of at least 25, count your blessings, then pay attention to how you live now.  When we are younger, we live out loud.  Using our minds to record every sight, sound, smell, taste and touch that we encounter, we log them for later recollection. 

I remember sitting at the red light in the front seat of my parent’s car watching people pass, in their own world.  Each car was its own universe.  What happened inside only effected the occupants, unbeknownst to them.  And, yeah, we saw what you were doing while you were driving.  Gross.  Anyway,  the world was new then.  I was learning, discovering, registering, contemplating, formulating…because my senses were alive.

As tortured as I was, it was bliss.  I lived and learned with my whole self.  New sights registered in my brain.  Then new smells now elicit old memories.  Memories. Walking through our den on summer mornings with the sun bathing the room in butter yellow light that only meant it was summer and there were no responsibilities.  My eyes registered the sense of time from the slant of the sun.  My respiratory system registered the french fries that were being cooked for breakfast (yes, I just said that.  French fries with pepper and mayo was the breakfast of champs…you didn’t know?)

As we grow, the duties of adulthood,  mourning the loss of youth, the pains of parenthood dull our senses.  We forget to register the smell of family meals being cooked.  We forget to blazon the images of the moment for later recall.  We allow our circumstances to dictate our state of mind.  “Oh, woes me” replaces “HEADSTRONG.”  (A youthful anthem of mine:))

You have stopped living through your senses.  You have become stagnate.  You have lost your edge. 

Bring yourself back.  Interject the oomf that you have been seeking.  The wanderlust that you once had still drives you, but you  have quelled it thinking that you can’t have what you once had. 

Yet you can…but you have to temper your desires with the wisdom of the adult into which you have grown.  You have to mold your dreams into the new you.  If we cannot modify our dreams to suit our new paths, then they wither and die and we with them. 

Once you sought happiness with a vengeance.  You sought knowledge.  You yearned for more.  Your youthful self would have never settled for second best.  So why do you? Kids, don’t let your dreams die, adjust them to who you grow into. 

It is time to live out loud again.

Flip the switch to ON.  Set your intention.  I don’t mean say it.  I mean FEEL it.  Search your core.  Find who you were and scream to yourself “I know you are still there…let’s take on the world again!”  Once you have set that intention and made up your mind to find who you were, look at your situation and shape it to the new you.  You grew.  Your needs changed.  But you are still who you were, just wiser.   

You have kids now?  That is even better!  You get to live anew with them.  Remember what it was like to be their age and revel in the newness of life again! See the world with their eyes.  Smell what they smell and register it.  Learn to appreciate your senses again. 

Too tired because of the bills that are due or the boss is screaming down your neck?  Practice.  Your cubicle is your kingdom.  Your boss is the evil antagonist whose destiny it is to succumb to your rule.  Feel, in your chest and stomach, the feeling of power that stirs when you remember the you you once were.  Feel the energy reverberate through your fiber. 

No matter what your current status is, you can rekindle the flame of passion with your senses.  The passion for life.  The passion for love.  The passion for learning.  The passion for growing.  The passion to renew.  They are all within you.  You just forgot where to find them.  We get so tangled in our doldrums, that we lose sight of the goal: Life.

Bring the newness back to your life by living it with your eight senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, heart, mind, and soul. 

Let’s wax philosophical…I LOOOVE talking.  Let me read your thoughts! 🙂  Leave them in the comments. 

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

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