A Mother’s Pain

A mother’s pain is never known.  A mother’s pain runs deep.  A mother’s pain is not evident as she rides the warpath.  A mother’s pain echoes through her bones as she begs for her children’s protection and success.  A mother pains at the thought of her children leaving.  A mother’s pains do not ease once her children have gone.

I will never know the pain my mother felt or feels, as perception is relative.  However, I know the pains that I feel in reference to my own children and I am indebted to my mother for the pain that she endures because of me.

If you are not a mother, liken motherhood to your heart being shredded daily.  Imagine someone reaching in, grabbing your heart from your chest and crushing it.  The pain would be much less.

I love you, Mom.  I love you, my children.


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