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Breaking through the Writer’s Block/Human Wall

As writers, we all suffer writer’s block at one time or another.  As people, sometimes we experience an equivalent called human wall.  It affects us on all levels: work, personal, familial.

Today, after four days of a severe cold (which I rarely get), I have hit human wall.  I cannot function.  I cannot think.  I have projects coming out of my wazoo, kids screaming and fighting in one ear, phone calls in the other.  With each word typed or read, there is a child standing in my face demanding attention or requesting food, preventing me from concentrating.  So what do I do? 

I shut down 

It’s just easier.  Why upset everyone by making choices they don’t like?  Just stop functioning altogether.  Right?

Right.  Now, nothing will be done.  There will be no failures to claim.  No hurt to console.  No more excuses to be made.  And when I die, that is all I will have.  Nothing. 

Combatting the fog in my head

My resolution is this:  I will get up and shower, put on work clothes, dress my face, put on my favorite jewelry and parfum.  And I will begin chipping away at this wall.

To break through the human wall, you have to move.  You have to put the nonsense behind.  You have to write out your Do It Now List and DO IT. 

The cold is not going away.  The kids are not going away (God forbid).  And the work is just going to keep piling up. 

So move.  Douse the fog with a tall glass of water or three.  Nourish your body with WHOLE food…not the pseudo crap.  And be MINDFUL of what you are doing!

Being mindful allows you to focus on what you are doing, thus chipping away at that human wall until it is gone. 

Feeling yucky and having a hard time getting things done? Break through your wall. 

Thanks for stopping by my home to read:)  I appreciate your time…more than you know.  Have a great week, guys!

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Do It Now List

It has come to my attention that I procrastinate things that I have forethoughts about.  I put something on a list.  Look at it.  Fear the outcome, the time spent, or the unknown…whatever it is…I think about it.  As of now, I am erasing the “To Do List” and creating the “Do It Now List.”

With the DIN List, I will not allow myself to THINK.  Overthinking stops here.  It is useless and it hurts…it doesn’t help.  It allows the uncertain to be entertained.  It allows us to subconsciously decide to AVOID what it is that needs to be done. 

Yes, we HAVE to exercise.  It is not a choice.  If we lived in the time of the cavemen, we would work off our calories.  But, we don’t.  We sit for a living.  We become slugs for a living.  

Just do it.  Thanks Nike.  They mean don’t think about it.  Get it done. 

You want chicken tenders for lunch, but you NEED grilled chicken (thanks to Chris Brogan for bringing this to my attention :)).  Don’t THINK. 

Just eat it. Thanks Weird Al.  🙂  Anyway, food is overrated…we only need it to survive, not to enjoy.  Pleasure comes from experiences not taste.

Starting today, throw away your To Do List and consistently work on your Do It Now List and watch your productivity, your health, your accomplishments soar.  (Dang you, bald eagle.)


What is on your To Do List that you keep procrastinating?  What if you don’t give it a second thought and put it on your Do It Now List?  Will you get it done? 

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

The Alchemy of Success

"The Alchemist" by Sir William Fettes Douglas

Once upon a time, the airwaves were flooded with the next magic pill to make people lose weight.  People bought them.  People fell for the nonsense…I was one of them. 

After many years of riding that roller coaster, it has finally become apparent to the masses that those gimmicks are just that. 

So what do you need to achieve?

You need the magic potion that I have for you.  Pay careful attention.  I am going to give you the recipe that you need to succeed.  Not just at weight loss, but at life.


Got your pen?


Here we go:

You need the following:

  • Belief
  • Love
  • Intention
  • Vision

Brew those things together and you have the winning combination of ingredients required to make the most of your life. 

Belief in yourself.  Love of yourself.  Soulful intention.  And your mind’s eye view of you doing what you do

That’s it. No pills.  No scams.  No silly gimmicks.  Listening to yourself and loving yourself leads you to success in every aspect of your life.  Your body, mind and soul know what you need.  All  you have to do is listen and obey. 

Easy, huh? 

If it isn’t, we’ll talk about why it isn’t as easy as it sounds next time. 

And in case you are a bald eagle hovering over this site, reading…fitness isn’t about the numbers 🙂

Drop me a line and let me know what key ingredient you are missing from your Success Recipe.  Thanks for hanging out and reading my wall…let’s get together on Twitter and Facebook, too! 

 © Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Visualize your world to materialize your goals

When we start on a journey, without a destination in mind, we find ourselves lost.  Any activity we undertake is that journey.  By seeing what we want in our mind’s eye, we see the changes that we need to make so we can make our goals our realities.

Map it out

Just as we would map out our stops and routes on a road trip, we have to map out our writing journeys, our parenting trips, or even our fitness adventures.  Imprinting the visual image of our accomplishments imprints our maps in our heads.  Carrying this imprint internalizes our intention, as well!

Imprint your vision

When we visualize to materialize, our intentions are internalized and the Law of Attraction is put to work automatically.  We know that intentions have to come from the heart, otherwise they are mere words soon forgotten.  Setting the image in our minds of our end result and what we need to do to get there makes it second nature.  We will then act the way that is necessary to bring us success. 

If we want to be successful writers, we have to envision ourselves in all of our glory.  We can visualize ourselves in that life and what we are doing, how we are acting, and how we handle our business.  The same goes for any occupation or goal.  Suppose we want to be super fit and healthy.  We have to visualize ourselves as such.  We have to see ourselves making decisions that lead to accomplishing that goal. 

Live that life

Use those visualizations and imprints to guide your decisions in taking steps toward your goals.  If you visualize yourself as a successful entrepreneur, refer to your visualized results and ask yourself is this decision one that your successful self would make?  With fitness, we ask ourselves before we delve into that pint of ice cream if it will help achieve our super fit visualization of us. 


What are your goals? See yourself living them.  How do you act?  What do you differently in that image than you do now? 

 Image Credit: nicolasnova via Flickr

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© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Improve the quality of your life and your love

Credit: adria.richards via Flickr

The longer we sit in our chairs; the softer we become.  The softer our bodies become; the softer our brains become. 

The more processed foods we eat; the murkier our thinking becomes.

We deteriorate at a phenomenal rate…why accelerate it?

Take part in the #15minsofexercise hashtag convo or the #10Burpeesat10 and refresh yourself.  REnew your mind, your body and your soul.  Feel GOOD again. 

Exercises needn’t be exhaustive.  They needn’t be aggressive.  You can do yoga, tai chi, walking, alternate walking/jogging, core exercises, pilates.  You name it.  You can improve your life and your love 15mins at a time. 

We are what we eat and we become what we do.  Do what will bring you success and eat what will fuel it. 

Much love to you all!  Thanks for stopping by my home on the web!

Since I love to talk too much, leave me a comment and let me know what exercise you can do in 15mins that will leave you feeling refreshed and ALIVE.  ❤


© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Moving it

Credit: JVilchez via Wikimedia Commons

As writers, we need to move.  We have to pry ourselves from the comfort of our laptops and force ourselves to move in order to stay healthy.  Since becoming an official “writer,” I have seen my thighs turn to mush.  Not a pretty sight.  I was once fit and tone (ok, that was BEFORE the kids), but I have gotten even mushier since the winter.

I challenge myself and you to face the challenges with me that come up as we move through the motions of our days struggling to create  bodies of work that people want to share with us. 

Our projects (be they writing, raising our children, whatever they are) and life, in general, are more fun when we are in the best shape we can be to enjoy them. 

Ordering our cosmos is about bringing together all the pieces of our lives into one focus…let’s enjoy our lives and all of their parts by making ourselves healthy and ENJOYING it together! 

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Much love to you all! 🙂

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011


Honor, Respect and Values

The King

He was a great man.  The whole village loved him.  Respected him.  Honored him.  Even the woman whom he divorced never begrudged him.  He was the king.  And he was good.

While in power, he ruled with a firm, yet gentle hand.  Loving his family.  Treating his workers well.  And fearing his God.  Upon the knowledge that his day was coming, he visited all to apologize if he had ever wronged them.  Of course, the only one he had ever wronged was his former wife.  For that, he was forgiven and he died knowing that he had reformed bonds that may have weakened over time.  He died knowing that he had done right by all and, most importantly, by his God.  He died.  At peace.

The entire village died a little with him that day.  And even those of us that witnessed via TV screen were affected by this fictitious life that passed before us. 

His goodness and kindness were things of the past.  Attributes of a bygone era.  But why?  

Because media dominates our thinking. Because media dictates who we are and what we should do or think or say.  Because media elicits that happiness comes from self-service.  Get what you want, no matter what, and you will be happy. 


No.  True happiness comes from service to others IN ADDITION TO self-service.   As humans, we were driven by community and togetherness, but we have let ourselves be led astray from what our goals should be.  Oneness…with each other and with our selves. 

Imagine dying at peace with yourself and your God (or Universe, whatever it is that you may call it).  Imagine that today is your last day.  Would you be at peace knowing that you did your best to be a common thread in the tapestry of a life that wove together Souls?  Would you die knowing that you lived the best, most effective life you could? 

We are all unique.  We each have beautiful gifts for this world.  We can go back to back to the time when goodness and honor reigned by being the salmon swimming upstream.  By turning away from a media ruled pop culture that degrades and degenerates, we return values and respect to this world. 

You control your choices in this life.  What decisions do you make that make you the best you can be?  What ideals do you implement to help others be the best they can be?


© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Habits and Goals

Credit: elitatt via Flickr

We are, by nature, creatures of habit 

Not necessarily good ones, either.  I have, inadvertently, spent the last month transforming my chaos into cosmos by killing some old Monsters that I hope are gone for good.  These old monster habits have kept me from moving forward in my goals. 

The new Friends (Helpful Habits) that are replacing said Monsters are poised to take over.  One of those new Friends is nutrition.  This month, my junk food intake has been almost wiped out and my thinking is all the clearer for it.  My whole food intake has tripled and my waist is happier for that, too. 

These are just a few of the new Friends I have made this month.  We can systematically eliminate the Monsters that hide in our Minds by marking them and taking them out one by one. 

We all have habits that hinder us or help us.  By looking at our thinking and our actions, we can pinpoint the things that we do that work against our goals.  Choose the one that is most detrimental and for one month…ATTACK!!

Attack with a vengeance

Order your cosmos one habit at a time by developing a Counter-Habit in order to eliminate your targeted Monster.  Language is important.  Instead of trying to get rid of an old habit, try to REPLACE it.  Use whatever means you need to remind yourself that you want to do B instead of A.  As opposed to stop doing A.  Sticky notes, intention setting, journaling are all excellent means to help you focus.

The following month, B will be habit and you can move on to the next Monster on your blacklist.  One by one, you will accomplish your goals and Order your Cosmos. 

What Monster on your list do you need to take out first?  What Counter-Habit will replace it?  What steps will help you transform you chaos into your cosmos?

Thanks for visiting my home on the web!  Don’t forget to come hang out with me on Twitter and Facebook! 🙂

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Mindful living and loving the Middles of your story

Credit: Twice25 via WikiMedia

When we begin reading a story, or writing one for that matter, we begin with fervor and gusto.  We are excited to see where it takes us.  We read it Mindfully: Aware of the action and suspense that pulls us forward.  We live life the same way.  In the beginning, all is new and fresh.  Our senses are alive and well.  We miss nothing. 

Yet, when we get to the middle of our story, excitement wanes. Magnetism to it wanes.  We skim through to the next interesting part.  Skimming through the middle of the book causes us to miss parts of the story that we might have found to be noteworthy. 

Living life in the Middles, like reading the Middles, means we take our story for granted and rush through it.  Missing pieces means missing our children growing up, or missing a job opportunity, or even missing romantic moments with our spouses/partners. 

The Middles doesn’t have to mean that we skim through life.  When we make conscious decisions to stop and look around us, to lay obligations to the side for a moment, we slow down our reading.  We take in the whole story…children, partners, and jobs.  We appreciate what we have.  We are awake for the next act and not regretting missed scenes. 

Living Mindfully means loving the Middles.  It means slowing down and seeing all the characters in our story and appreciating them.  It means realizing that now is the best that it can be.

The next time we find ourselves skimming, slow down and read well.  See the beauty around us and the beauty of our situations…no matter what they may be.

Living in the now and being Mindful are integral parts of transforming our chaos into cosmos.  Let’s love our stories, beginnings, middles, and ends and see the cosmos that appear before us.


What parts of your story are you missing because you skimmed through? 

Thanks for visiting my home on the web 🙂

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011